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Struggle with Power Shortage at Home? Find a Solution for Efficient Electric Car Charging

Imagine a house with a 100A electrical panel. This house has big appliances like an oven and a dryer that use a lot of electricity. Now, the family living in the house wants to charge their electric car, but they're worried that their electrical panel might not be able to handle the extra load from the car charger.

The EVCMC is a helpful and cost-effective tool in this situation, as it's a cheaper alternative to upgrading the entire electrical panel. Instead of monitoring, the EVCMC senses the current being used in the house. A company like Our EV specialised team can help redesign the power schedule for the house, making charging the electric car easier and safer, without causing problems with the electrical panel.

When the car starts charging, the EVCMC senses the current being used by the charger. If the oven, dryer, and car charger are all using too much electricity at the same time, the EVCMC will temporarily disconnect the car charger. This helps protect the house's electrical panel from being overloaded. When there's less electricity being used, the EVCMC reconnects the car charger automatically, so the car can continue charging safely.

With the help of Eztech team, the family can have a better power schedule that allows them to charge their electric car safely and efficiently while still using their other appliances without any issues.

If you need help with managing your electric car charging or redesigning your power schedule, please contact us at Eztech Services. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in finding the best solution for your home.

Just call us 587.574.6161

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